Dates - 日・月・年

Combining Weekdays (in abbreviated form)

Original readings from 〜曜日:


Preferred alternatives in this context:

月(げ\つ)but(げっ\)before 火・水・金

Final vowel is often lengthened in this context:


土(ド\ー)but can be ド if it starts a sequence

Start from the beginning and pronounce each weekday with it's own accent phrase:

月水金: ゲ\ッ・ス\イ・キ\ン

火木:  カ\ー・モ\ク

月火:  ゲ\ッ・カ\ー

土日:  ド\ー・ニ\チ OR ド・ニチ(H)